YearlyKos Conference Portends Democracy 2.0

Do texto seleccionei algumas citações que achei mais interessantes:

"Similarly, online tools and communities have long (by our standards) held the promise of creating a more level playing field for our politics. A major milestone in the achievement of this level-playing field promise was attained in June at the seminal offline event of the
Netroots, the inaugural Yearly Kos conference in Las Vegas."

Sobre os Mass Media:

"...is that mass media plays a decisive role in shaping perceptions of political prospects, whether in the form of journalism, op-editorial, paid advertisement, or Foxaganda"

"Mass media is antithetical to the Wisdom of Crowds in, well, its massiveness, its unidirectional nature, and the fact that a small number of wealthy citizens and corporations (
actually there is little legal difference in the US) have a disproportionately large impact on what mass media publishes… Only so many voices can be represented in aggregate and with only so much nuance, and thus the vast majority of the voices in our Crowd are never heard through Mass Media."

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