Interfaces Inteligentes

"The area of Intelligent Interfaces is one of the most heterogeneous research subjects dealing with computers that exist. In this area, people from vastly different disciplines and research areas within disciplines meet, debate and collaborate. The term is so wide that people will shrink from it in practice
Typically, we require of an intelligent interface that it should employ some kind of intelligent technique. What, exactly, counts as an intelligent technique will vary over time, but the following list is a fairly complete list of the kinds of techniques that today are being employed in intelligent interfaces:
- User Adaptivity: Techniques that allow the user - system interaction to be adapted to different users and different usage situations.
- User Modelling: Techniques that allow a system to maintain knowledge about a user.
- Natural Language Technology: Techniques that allow a system to interpret or generate natural language utterances, in text or in speech,
- Dialogue Modelling: Techniques that allow a system to maintain a natural language dialogue with a user, possible in combination with other interaction means (multimodal dialogue),
- Explanation Generation: Techniques that allow a system to explain its results to a user."

What is an Intelligent Interface?
Fiorella De Rosis

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